HMRC Investigation

HMRC are no longer a document processing organisation. Self-assessment and e-filing requires tax-payers to do all their work! HMRC now just receive computer reports and target tax-payers for review from the computer analysis.

HMRC do at times raise minor ‘aspect enquiries’ on certain single issues, but they generally ‘go to town’ on any poor tax-payer that is selected for investigation.

This means that it is critical to avoid triggering analysis variations.

- We review accounts and returns to advise on advance action to minimise such risks. 

In the event that an investigation is launched on a tax-payer HMRC will be extremely aggressive and are frequently quite unreasonable. Make no mistake, HMRC are out to get money out of tax-payers regardless of how honest they have acted. We can help:

- by explaining tax-payer rights and obligations.

- by explaining HMRC tactics.

- by buffering the tax-payer from HMRC.

- by dealing with all enquiries and replies to ensure that these are presented correctly and in a way that minimises further questions.

- by being present with tax-payers whenever they meet with HMRC, including in-depth pre-meeting advice.

Essentially, we can take the worry and complex work away from the tax-payer. We have a great success record in defending our clients due to both good pre-return compliance review and robust enquiry defence.