Business Tax

Calculation of any tax due by the business including extraction of information necessary for the tax and capital allowance computations.

Explanation of tax calculations, HMRC filing and payment deadlines

Advice on maximising allowable deductions to minimise tax.



Explanation of VAT registration rules, monitoring past business turnover and predicting future turnover for the date of compulsory registration.

Explanation of the benefits and negatives of Voluntary Registration.

Explanation of how to register for VAT and organisation of the intricacies of Registration.


Explanation of the general operation of VAT regulations including VAT rates, exemptions and recovery of VAT on expenses.

Advice on complying with the onerous VAT timing rules to avoid potential heavy penalties.

Review and advice on the available VAT Schemes including their benefits and pitfalls.

Advice on correct preparation of VAT invoices for customers and the requirement for VAT reclaim on supplier invoices.

Guidance on new MTD rules and compliance

Assistance with De-registration.

Personal Tax

Retrieval of your information from all business and personal records to prepare a return and calculate tax due.

Maximising the use of personal allowances and tax relief.

Returns prepared by professional software to avoid problems with HMRC and reduce investigation risk.

Advice on what data should be entered on the return; completion of the return for approval; filing of the return with HMRC; advice on deadlines.

National Insurance

Insurances that may apply to the business, including Class 2 National Insurance, Class 4 National Insurance, Employee and Employer National Insurance.

Advice on minimising National Insurance contributions.


Capital Gains Tax

 Tax that may apply if you are selling properties or shares personally, or even if your business is looking to sell assets, we can advise and assist with calculations.